Why buy from TFC and not directly from a factory?

We stock many of the best brands available and are completely independent thereby allowing us to give you genuine independent advice to suit your needs, the needs of your horse and of course your budget. We are not beholden to any particular brand and with over 30 years of experience in selling and servicing floats we can give the best advice in terms of brand, models and options.
In addition all floats sold by us both new and used go through a comprehensive pre-delivery service and inspection. This comes at no charge to you and helps to ensure the float is ready to go. We can also register the float ready to drive away.

To our knowledge we are the only independent float specialist with proper showrooms and fully equipped workshop, accredited by all our suppliers.

Is the Ifor Williams’s braking system approved over 2 tonne ATM/GTM in Australia?

Yes, Ifor Williams floats are fully approved for registration in all States. Full documentation is provided with all floats sold. To our knowledge Ifor Williams floats are the only ones currently with such approval. The standard HB506 model is approved to 2600Kg and the HB511 (slightly larger model) is approved at 2700Kg.

Do we service floats?

Yes – we specialise in our own brands, however we do service most other Australian and European brands. Please note there are some brands we will not service or repair, including some imported floats due to concerns re safety, build quality and availability of parts.

We do not do full refurbishments/rebuilds, repainting or fibreglass repairs.

What are the differences between hydraulic, mechanical and electric brakes?

In Australia we are mostly used to hydraulic (over-ride) brakes and electric brakes.

Hydraulic brakes are legal up to a maximum GTM of 2000kg. They use hydraulic fluid which is pressurized when the float pushes on the tow vehicle as it slows down. One advantage is that they can be towed by multiple tow vehicles as there is no controller needed in the tow car. The main disadvantage is that they are very inefficient, need significantly more maintenance and are not legal on heavier floats. In general we don’t recommend them for floats.

Electric brakes are legal on floats up to 4500Kg total weight and mandatory on almost all floats over 2000Kg. So for most larger double or triple floats they are the standard.

You will need a good quality progressive style brake controller fitted to your vehicle. Please ask us for our advice on choice and installation to suit your car and float. This is a free service.

Mechanical brakes are a type of override brake system and are frequently used on smaller boat trailers but until recently rarely used on floats. However in recent years some imported floats have mechanical brakes fitted as these are the standard in the UK, Europe and other countries. In almost all cases they are only approved for use up to 2000Kg. The good quality ones (usually operating on all wheels) are much more efficient than hydraulic brakes and are usually easier and cheaper to maintain, however this does vary depending on the brand.

Any float over 2000Kg and fitted with mechanical brakes must have special import approval and must have approval documentation to match. To our knowledge Ifor Williams floats are the only ones currently with such approval.

Which of your range are Australian Made?

The Float Centre stock both Australian and European floats.

Australian – Olympic, Crisfloat, Stallion

UK  – Ifor Williams  – Largest and most respected float and commercial trailer builder in UK and Europe

Who can fit an electric brake controller in your vehicle and which brands would you recommend?

It is important to choose the correct type of brake controller to suit both your car and the float.

Some controllers we believe are not suitable or less suitable for floats – we recommend “progressive” type controllers as they have smoother operation, are better for your horses and will give better braking and help the brakes in your float to last longer.

We partner with experienced and reputable installers who fit controllers at our Mt Barker workshop and can also fit power wires and Anderson plugs if required.

Contact us for specific brand advice and competitive prices.

Still have questions?